Things To Look For When Purchasing A Pressure Washer

The advantages of pressure washing are numerous for the house owner and very convenient for the business minded. Whatever the purpose of purchasing a pressure washer, you must be aware of the different types and models of pressure washers available in the market.

Aside from knowing the basic types of washer, a lot of important points should be considered when you are about to purchase a pressure washer for your home.

For a worthwhile purchase, take note of the pressure washer buying tips mentioned below.

Determine The Type

First of all, you must know that pressure washers may come with an electric supply or a gas-powered engine. Either of the two type of power supply will provide the same benefits to dirty walls or pathways however, their specifications may be different.

Electricity supplied pressure washing equipment is generally more convenient as it is lightweight and mostly sold with a cheaper price compared to gas-powered pressure washers. Electric pressure washing is recommended for cleaning cars and other surfaces with a small area. With electric pressure washers, no annoying sounds are heard and smoke from fumes are avoided while cleaning as compared to gas pressure washers.

If you choose to buy electric, take note of the amperage (amps) capability of the electric motor. As a general rule, the higher the value of amperage (amps), the higher the power and water pressure produced by the product.

Gas powered washers on the other hand are bulkier and more expensive. However, the range of activities and the efficiency of the pressure washing activity are better than its electric counterpart. Gas powered pressure washers are actually recommended for use outdoors and if the area you are going to clean is large or heavily stained. Gas powered washers last longer and remove dirt faster than electrically powered ones.

Gas powered washers have a different rating and are quantified depending on the horse power the engine. A higher horse power would mean a higher power rating for gas powered engines. Also, there are two types of gas powered engines: the Side valve (L-head) type and the Overhead Valve (OHV) type.

What Not To Pick

Never purchase side valve types even when the price is cheaper compared to overhead types. Side valve types are easily damaged and they are not very efficient in cleaning at all. Overhead valves are more updated, durable, produce less noise, and last longer than the traditional side valve types.

Type Of Water Supply

The next thing to decide is the type of water supply appropriate for the type of surface areas present in your home residence. The water supply can either be hot or cold.

A hot water supply would be perfect if you own any large industry or farm area. Hot pressure washing is generally more efficient in removing difficult types of stains and dirt accumulation in large or big areas.

Pressure washing with cold water is generally indicated for home owners who want to maintain their driveways, walkways, patios, cars, or rooftops. Cold water supply washers are cheaper, more mobile and more light weight than those with hot water supply.

Finally when choosing a brand, it is best to conduct research and choose reliable brand manufacturers/suppliers. This goes when choosing an engine and pump brand for your washer.

A reliable engine brand will give you more coverage and advice when it comes to defects encountered during pressure washing.

Prior to buying a pressure washer for you, it is important that you determine how it is going to be used so that you can buy the right type of washer for your home or business property.

Fundamentals Of Pressure Washing At Home

What is pressure washing and how does a person or business benefit from it?

Pressure washing at home is a new form of maintenance wherein the use of a technological gadget allows people to restore and maintain the beauty of any patio, walkway, driveway, or building walls.

A building or home located in crowded city areas are heavily exposed to environmental dust, dirt, or chemicals. The daily activities of people going from one place to another with their vehicles also contribute to the circulation of dirty air that contains dust materials capable of sticking into most of building walls, roofs, and other exposed areas.

A dusty, dirty, or grimy area in any part of a building or home is never a good site to behold. Business may not progress when the outer physical appearance of the business area is not maintained well.

A very grimy or dusty home could also be deleterious to the health of its owners which makes it necessary for all of us to regularly clean our home environment.

Home cleaning or business building maintenance may prove to be very time consuming, tedious, and demanding. This is especially true when you own a large house or business property. The entire surface area of your walls, walkways, or roofs may be very hard to clean at one single time, especially if you opt to do manual cleaning.

It is good to note that nowadays, new innovative gadgets are being developed to help people facilitate easy home or business building maintenance. This is where pressure washing comes into full grandeur.

Pressure washing or cleaning makes use of equipment that allows water to be placed in a high pressure and used to remove stains or dirt present in any surface area.

Pressure washing advantages are numerous as compared to manual cleaning of patio, walkways, or doorways. With pressure washing, heavy dirt accumulation can be dislodged more efficiently from the surface area because of the high pressure applied to it. The cleaning and maintenance process is then done quickly and efficiently.

The extra time you gain with pressure washing (as compared to manual cleaning) can be used for other important activities; hence it is more beneficial to do pressure cleaning at all times.


If you do not have a pressure washer yet, the decision to purchase or to rent may be weighed depending on your circumstances.

If your home property does not require frequent cleaning because you are living in an urban area or away from busy places, then it may be practical to rent pressure washers only when needed.  On the other hand, purchasing a good pressure washer for your city home is considered a good investment.

When purchasing a pressure washer, you should consider the type of surfaces you are going to clean. Remember that there are different accessories and pressures required by different types of surface area. Cleaning wooden surfaces requires a lower pressure than cement surfaces.

When cleaning the roof, it is helpful to remember that clay roofs can withstand a higher pressure as compared to those with shingles.
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