How Do Fish Finder's Work - Guide & Tips

How do fish finder's work? You're out on your boat fishing, and you can't see any fish anywhere, but your fish finder can see every fish around your boat. How is a fish finder able to see the fish that your eyes can't?

A fish finder works using SONAR technology to locate fish in the water below a watercraft as well as judge how deep the water surrounding the watercraft is. SONAR stands for Sound Navigation and Ranging.

The way a fish finder works is by first attaching a fish finder to a watercraft, and driving that watercraft out into an area of water. The fish finder sends out an electronic impulse out into the water below the watercraft that is translated into a sound wave as it hits the water below it.

When the sound wave hits something in the water (such as a fish) it rebounds back to the receiver part of the fish finder and a fish shows up on the screen of your fish finder.

Knowing the speed of sound in water, which is always approximately 4800 feet per second, helps a fish finder determine how deep the water is where the boat is located as well as determine what fish are present in the area.

The fish finder does this by calculating how long it takes the sound impulse it makes in the water to be reflected and return back to where it originated. Fish finders are able to locate fish in water similarly to the way some submarines have previously been able to locate enemy submarines located in the same waters.

Fish finders are wonderful tools when you are out fishing in unknown waters, or even places that you fish in often. A fish finder can take the guesswork out of whether or not there are any fish around you, and having one can increase the likelihood that you'll catch a fish.

 Knowing how a fish finder works can help you understand how to better use a fish finder during your fishing trips.

When you go to purchase a fish finder, there are a variety of different fish finders available for purchase at a vast array of different prices, for example you may get these best fish finders under 500 dollars or even less than that.

When purchasing a fish finder keep in mind that fish finders are tools used by professionals, and often have professional price tags. Think about what features you personally will need in a fish finder, and then purchase a fish finder that meets those requirements without breaking your budget.

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