10 Mistakes to Avoid While Buying an Elliptical Trainer

Are you planning to to buy an elliptical trainer? You may end up with disappointment because oftentimes, you may not get the one that you want. Being the first time buyer, you don't want to make the same mistakes as others did.

Here are the 10 most common mistakes that people make when they want to get elliptical machine. Study these mistakes carefully...

1. Noisy operation

It can be annoying and irritating if your neighbor on the top floor start working out on his fitness equipment like treadmill. Imagine trying to relax on your favorite sofa at night after dinner, and all you hear throughout the night is the stomping or knocking noise.

Now you are going to get a cross trainer for your home. Shouldn't you find out first if it runs smoothly with minimal noise? Even though you may not live in an apartment, you would probably want a quiet cardiovascular workout.

If you are reading a book or a magazine, listening to your favorite music or catching up with the most popular TV series, wouldn't you want to have less distraction coming from your exercise equipment?

2. Too light

You probably prefer a light elliptical trainer because you can move it around easily. However, if it is too light, chances are you are going to feel wobbly during workout. It will turn into a frustrating reality.

Never underestimate the stability of the equipment. A stable, sturdy elliptical machine can give you a good body workout.

3. Forget To Check The User Weight

You should find out how much you weigh before you buy any elliptical machine. Every equipment can support a specific maximum weight. If you are too heavy and the cross trainer can only support less than your weight, then you will definitely have a bouncy workout.

Take note that the warranty does not cover the parts or labor if the machine breaks down because your excess weight.

4. Wrong Dimensions

Sometimes you may be excited when you shop for fitness machines. And you may overlook the importance of dimensions.

If you bring back an elliptical trainer and begin to realize that you don't have the space big enough to house it, what are you going to do?

Always make sure the space you have allocated can fit your equipment. The simple solution is to measure the existing space you have.

5. Fixed Ramp

Having a fixed ramp limits the range of movement. Without the ability to adjust the ramp, you only target certain muscle groups.

An adjustable ramp offers various intensity by changing the elevation. This way you can focus on all muscle groups whether upper or lower body.

6. Wrong Stride Length

The stride length determines the comfort level of your workout. You hear many people complain about pain when using cross trainers. Most often, it is either their stride is too long or too short that causes their workouts to be awkward and uncomfortable.

Most elliptical machines come with 18' stride length. Usually there is no problem if your height is under 6 feet. But for a very tall person, it would be almost impossible to have a comfortable and smooth workout.

7. Limited Programs

If there are only a few programs, you will soon get bored with the workout. It becomes less motivating and challenging as each time the workout is almost the same. Soon, your elliptical machine will turn into a white elephant.

It is important to choose an elliptical trainer that provides many programs. You can challenge yourself by choosing a more difficult level of workout. This will prevent you from getting bored with monotonous training. With more options in the program, you can choose a specific routine for your needs such as fat burning or cardio improvement.

8. Complicated Console

Console is useful in monitoring your progress. If the console is not user-friendly, then it serves little purpose in tracking your progress.

The main purpose of the console is to allow you to see the program that you have selected and monitor the progress you have made such as the number of calories burned or the strides you have made. Before you buy, check if you can operate the console easily. You probably don't want to stop your exercise and then figure out how to use the console. What you want is an uninterrupted aerobic workout without any hassle of using the console.

9. Short Period of Warranty

You would not want to pay for any replacement part if your cross trainer breaks down in 3 months' times. So, check the period of the warranty. It is best if you can get at least 1 year warranty of parts and labor.

10. Only Forward Mode

It would be a matter of time that you will reach a plateau with the elliptical machine workouts. If you can only move forward, your muscles will get used to the routine. Thus, you won't go far with your progress.

Choosing an elliptical trainer with both forward and reverse mode enables you to try different motions which can focus on different muscle groups. With reverse mode, your muscles will experience a new motion, taking your progress to the next level.

The time has arrived and you are ready to pick up your choice elliptical machine. You should be more confident now because you have learned other people's mistakes. Use the information you have gathered above and shop wisely.
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