Rogue RML 390F Flat Foot Monster Lite Rack Review

Today we’re going to be looking at the rml-390f flat foot monster lite rack. Power racks are one of the most important pieces of weightlifting kit around, so it’s important to make sure you choose the right one.

I’m going to show you all of the pros and cons to this product, to help you decide if it’s the right one for you.

rogue rml 390f rack

  • Product Name: Rogue RML 390F Power Rack
  • Overall Rating: 8 out of 10
  • Manufacturer: Rogue Fitness

Rogue Fitness are a company from Finland that have been specializing in fitness equipment for the last decade. While not one of the bigger, more well-known brands, they have quietly developed a strong following, due to the quality of their products.

At present, they produce items such as:

  1. Power Racks
  2. Squat Stands
  3. Wall Mounts
  4. Rigs
  5. Barbells
  6. Weight Plates
  7. Apparel and much more.

Despite being a Finnish company, most of their products are manufactured in Ohio, in the United States. They avoid wide-scale sales drives and advertising campaigns, as they rely on word of mouth to spread the word on the quality of their products.

What Is The Rml-390f Flat Foot Monster Lite Rack?

While listed under racks, the Rml-390f Flat Foot Monster Lite Rack is actually a squat cage. 

A Power cage is variety of rack that combines a regular squat stand’s ability to help you load your weights with the type of adjustable supports at the bottom you find on a power rack, in case you fail during a rep. 

The main difference between a squat cage and a power rack is that it has vertical supports, both in front and behind you. These means whether you fall forward, or drop the weight backwards, it will still be caught. 

The downside is that the weight of the rack is spread more evenly, to provide strength on all sides, so is more likely to tip than a rack designed to take the weight in one direction.

Rml-390f Flat Foot Monster Lite Rack Details & Features

As the name suggests, this is a flat foot variety of rack, meaning it has a solid base that doesn’t need to be bolted to the ground to be used.

Made from 3x3 inch 11-gauge steel, the flat foot stands at 92 inches with both a width and depth of 49 inches. It’s depth between the uprights is also a sizeable 30 inches, giving you plenty of room to maneuver while performing the squat.

It is equipped with adjustable pin pipe safeties and support hooks on both sides and a great range of different heights to adjust them to, allowing it to be used be lifters of all shapes and sizes.

As an added benefit, it comes with your choice of either a fat or skinny 49-inch pull-up bar, to make it a more versatile piece of equipment. If you're looking for a best power rack under $1000 - then Rogue RML 390 should be your first choice.

Important Benefits Of The Rml-390f Flat Foot Monster Lite Rack

  • Strong, evenly distributed build

Being made from strong, thick steel and with an evenly distributed base area means it’s equally as strong in every direction, which is incredibly important for a product being used with such heavy weights.

  • Secured without bolting down

The flat foot design allowing for it to be securely used without being bolted down makes it a perfect option for those who don’t have the tools, or the inclination, to start drilling into their floor.

  • Great range of settings

The ability to adjust both the safeties and the support hooks so widely is essential, as it makes the product accessible to a wide range of users.

  • Good spacing

The 30 inches between the uprights makes sure your movement isn’t limited and you can comfortably train however you need.

  • Pull-up bar 

The addition of a pull-up bar makes this a much more versatile piece of equipment, getting you more out of your space and money.

Negatives Of The Rml-390f Flat Foot Monster Lite Rack

  • Expensive

While not necessarily extortionate for what it is, it’s still a premium item and there are certainly cheaper options available if you’re training on a budget.

  • Cages can tip

More a critique on the type of product than the specific model but relevant none the less. The weight of the rack being spread more evenly, to provide strength on all sides, makes it more likely to tip than a rack designed to take the weight in one direction.

  • Requires a lot of room

Again, this is an issue with all power racks and cages but if you’re limited on space, there are certainly options available to let you squat without taking up quite so much room.

Wrapping Up

All in all, this is a great product. It does have a few down points, but most are found in all squat cages, as opposed to this model in particular, so shouldn’t put you off if you have your heart set on one.


  • Evenly distributed
  • Doesn’t require bolting
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Wide variety of settings
  • Choice of pull-up bars
  • Good spacing inside


  • Expensive
  • Requires a lot of space
  • Tipping is a possibility

As you can see, the list of “pros” easily outweighs the list of “cons”, even before you consider most of the cons refer to the type of product as opposed to the specific model. 

This is a high-quality piece of kit and I would highly recommend the Rml-390f to anyone looking for a robust power rack.

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